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Recruiting Candidates Who Fit Your Company Culture

Posted by Steve Johnston on Mon, Jun 24, 2013


Finding the Right Gears for Your Company’s Machine

When it comes time to hire new faces for important positions within your company, you know the precarious ups and downs that can begin to present themselves. Finding the person who has the skills, certification and experience to give your company the most seamless transition from losing the previous employee to integrating the new one is a difficult task, mostly because the candidate who has the qualifications doesn’t always equal the candidate who will contribute positively to your company’s culture.

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How Personal Branding Boosts Your Business

Posted by Steve Johnston on Fri, Jun 21, 2013

Getting in Touch—and Reaping the Benefits

When you hear the phrase “personal branding,” what comes to your mind? Consider that the idea of personal branding is relatively new and deeply rooted in the (also relatively new) universe of social networking, you might not even have much of an idea what personal branding is at all.

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