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Reclaim Wasted Time: Efficiency Tips

Posted by Steve Johnston on Wed, May 22, 2013

Getting the Most of Each Hour in Your Workday

If you’re a professional, you know how precious each and every minute in your schedule is. Not only do you have to balance a ton of work tasks, calls and correspondences, you might also be in charge of a team of people, one which constantly looks towards you for guidance and insight. Even if you start each week with a clear set of goals, all squeezed evenly and nicely into a perfect itinerary, we have a feeling that by Tuesday afternoon, enough intangibles have crept in on your workday that the mere idea of an itinerary for your week seems like a far-away dream. Maybe you see a ton of time going out the window, and you have no idea how. These concerns are all fairly standard fare in the world of business, but that doesn’t mean you couldn’t always use advice on how to get back some of the time you see slipping away while you’re at work.

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