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Chauffeured Transportation Is Executive Customer Service

Posted by Nate Strong on Wed, Nov 14, 2012

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For many, using a chauffeured car service is quite simple. The reservation is made, and when the time comes for your car to pick you up you get in and let the chauffeur drive you to your destination.  For the passenge,r it really is an enjoyable and easy experience, as it should be. However what you may not be aware of is how much time and preparation goes in to each reservation. From the dispatcher all the way to the chauffeur, there are many people who work together to make every chauffeured experience the best one possible for the passenger.

More Than A Driver

Chauffeurs are not merely drivers. A successful executive chauffeur is a professional, one who goes above and beyond to provide excellent customer service, all of the time. Accordingly, such professionalism requires thoughtful preparation. A chauffeur may have several reservations the next day but his work starts the previous night.  Chauffeurs must plan out their travel and know exactly where they are picking up and dropping off their passengers. They must be knowledgeable of the area and be aware of any updated traffic patterns. Being stuck in an unfortunate traffic scenario without any alternate routes while a passenger is onboard is not an option. Chauffeurs cannot simply rely on a smart phone for directions; they have to know the city in which they are operating.

Executive chauffeur Kem Hopkins

Executive Chauffeur, Kem Hopkins epitomizes professionalism. With more than 7 years of experience transporting VIP clients and over 20 years’ as a professional driver, Mr. Hopkins is a great asset to the CoolRide Chauffeured Transportation team.  Accordingly, Kem serves as our Training Chauffer, taking care of all new hires and making sure they learn the proper ways to serve as an executive chauffeur. His knowledge and skills as a chauffeur serve our company and clients every day.


Ambassadors of Excellence 

At CoolRide Chauffeured Transportation we understand that our chauffeurs are more than employees but are our representatives in the field who are in direct contact with our clients. Therefore, when it comes to hiring new employees, we require a thorough application/background and training process to ensure that our customers will receive top professional service. In fact, all new chauffeurs receive over 40 hours of class room and behind the wheel training. CoolRide Chuaffeured Transportation does not settle for second class chauffeurs, we expect the best from our employees every day, because that is what every one of our passengers deserves. 

Eddie Baker, another Executive Chauffeur for CoolRide Chauffeured Transportation understands what it takes to be a top-notch chauffeur. When asked what his goal was, he said, “My utmost priority is to provide excellent customer service for my passengers, and get them where they need to go safely and comfortably.” Eddie is always willing to go out of the way to serve CoolRide’s customers. Whether it is merely doing a pre-service inspection or detailing the car for the 3rd time that day, we can always count on Eddie to do a great job. Eddie Baker, a professional chauffeur always giving 110%

We rely on our chauffeurs to be on time, in an immaculate vehicle and ready to provide the highest quality private chauffeured service available. While this is not an easy undertaking, it is employees like Kem and Eddie that always fulfill their duties and make CoolRide Chauffeured Transportation what it is today. The industry calls for chauffeurs who are more than willing to make sure that every one of our clients’ needs are met. Therefore, we want the best players on our team to accomplish these goals.


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