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Chauffeured Transportation...for Babies

Posted by Patrick Pace on Wed, Nov 21, 2012

Show Some Restraint

On one occasion, when I was driving as a chauffeur, I had met the young family for a curbside pick-up. I proceeded through the motions, as any good chauffeur would. I opened the passenger side rear door to allow the couple and their newbor entry, while I began to load their luggage. I noticed that they had with them a car seat for their baby, which was a relief, because the trip details I had didn’t show that any car seats were requested from our company. Then, as I normally do, I gently prompted the parents to install the seat because of their familiarity. The father nodded approvingly and I began to load their luggage. Soon, we began our forty mile drive to their destination.

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LAX Transportation - To Park or Not to Park

Posted by Patrick Pace on Thu, Sep 27, 2012

LAX Parking  

When considering a trip to or from the airport, and when noting L.A’s legendary traffic & sizable population, any traveler would be remiss not to do a cost-benefit analysis when choosing transportation.

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