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Rental Car vs. Car Service to LAX: Which Is Best for Your Boss?

Posted by Cool Ride on Thu, Nov 03, 2016

5 Benefits of Opting for Executive Car Service

When booking car service to LAX, choosing between particular services can be tough. After all, your boss may really enjoy the convenience of car rental, since the vehicle would be available at his or her disposal during the trip. But before you go ahead and book a rental car, you might want to think about some of the potential pitfalls. We’re sure there are more than five, but this is a pretty good start.

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5 Ways to Be More Resilient in the Work Place

Posted by Cool Ride on Fri, Oct 14, 2016


Corporate travel managers manage communication between travel vendors and the finance departments, clients, and executives. When so much of their day is spent communicating, writing, and negotiating, there’s plenty of room for feedback—some of which can be negative. Corporate travel managers are often blamed for the constraints of a reduced budget, among other things, so they learn to deal with negative comments over time.

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How Mobile Technology Has Affected Corporate Travel Management

Posted by Cool Ride on Thu, Jan 31, 2013

Communication and Business Travel

It’s no secret that mobile technology has significantly affected the business travel industry. The effects are both positive and negative. The increased connectivity means that executives are able to work with minimal interruption, whether they work from the terminal, their chauffeured car, or their hotel. Mobile conferencing programs and apps allow travelers to stay connected with the home office to ensure minimal disruption to workflow.

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5 Things to Establish With Your Chauffeured Transportation Vendor

Posted by Cool Ride on Wed, Jan 30, 2013

Little-Known Facts that Matter

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2013 May Hold an Expansion of TSA Trusted Traveler Pre-Check Program

Posted by Cool Ride on Tue, Jan 29, 2013

Breeze Through Airport Security

Frequent flyers will be pleased to hear that 2013 may be the year where airport security measures are slightly relaxed. Earlier this month, Business Travel News announced the TSA was piloting a new, “behavioral screening” program at participating airports in Indianapolis and Tampa. Under this test system, passengers who appear “non threatening” can be pulled into official Pre-Check security lines, where they may not be required to remove their shoes or jacket. TSA Administrator John Pistole stated in an interview with the The New York Times that the goal of the program was to ensure PreCheck lines "are being fully utilized" at all hours.

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4 Ways to Make Executive Travel More Enjoyable

Posted by Cool Ride on Mon, Jan 28, 2013

Better Business Travel

Just about any executive of an organization expects to have to travel at some point in his or her career. Whether they enjoy that travel or not is up to you. As your company's corporate travel manager, you have complete control on how comfortable and enjoyable it is for your executives. The extra steps you take can make all the difference.

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10 Stress-Relieving Techniques for Corporate Travel Managers

Posted by Cool Ride on Fri, Jan 25, 2013

Proactively Fight Workplace Stress

Stress is commonplace in today's fast-paced workplace, especially for corporate travel managers. You're rushing around to find the best deals on the phone or on your computer. You go a mile a minute every day. As stress creeps up on you, it can wear you down and make it more difficult to do your job well. Finding ways to reduce stress is important, not only for yourself but for your fellow co-workers.

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12 Insights on International Safety for Executive Travel

Posted by Cool Ride on Wed, Jan 23, 2013

International Risk Management

If corporate travel plans include dangerous destinations, assessing security issues is a crucial part of a corporate travel manager’s job. When an executive is scheduled to travel to a country or region that’s listed among the U.S. Bureau of Consular Affair’s official travel warnings, preparing a thorough training plan so that risk is lessened becomes critical. Proactive protection measures are recommended even for travel to domestic cities. According to blogger David Wilcox of Travel Supemarket, “When you are in unfamiliar territory, you cannot take anything for granted.” While we can’t recommend the measures necessary for your colleague’s safety in every scenario, we can present some accepted best practices:

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5 Red Flags that Indicate a Dishonest Chauffeured Transportation Vendor

Posted by Cool Ride on Tue, Jan 22, 2013

How to Evaluate Vendors

The Internet has greatly affected how corporate travel managers discover and connect with brands. Several decades ago, many business relationships stemmed from word-of-mouth recommendations and a vendor’s reputation with businesses. Today, discovering options is as simple as typing a few phrases into Google. But as too many of us have discovered the hard way, just because a vendor ranks well in search doesn’t mean it’s able to provide the level of service it promises. We’ve written a list of ways to tell the difference between a company that delivers on its promises, and one that’s simply very clever at appearing reputable online:

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10 Basics of Managing Up for Corporate Travel Managers

Posted by Cool Ride on Mon, Jan 21, 2013

How to Lead Your Manager

The world’s most successful travel managers and executive assistants aren’t necessarily smarter or more educated than the rest of us. More than likely, they’ve mastered the art of “managing up.” They’re experts at adjusting their communication and work styles to improve their relationships with both their supervisors and colleagues. We’ve outlined some basic ways you can do the same:

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