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7 Things Successful People Do

Posted by Steve Johnston on Mon, Jun 02, 2014

Instructions for Success

Success in the business world isn’t easy. It requires a lot of grit and stamina, a lot of being told “No.” To overcome these challenges, there are specific things that successful entrepreneurs do to get to where they are today.

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4 Tips for Managing Your Team Remotely

Posted by Steve Johnston on Fri, Jul 26, 2013

Can You Manage During Executive Travel? 

The grind. The rat race. Cubicle farms. Many phrases used to describe corporate culture in the past just aren’t applicable to modern business. For many contemporary road warriors, an entire week spent in their base office can be a rare occasion. Some companies have ditched traditional workspaces, hours and other business norms in favor of increasingly-popular casual corporate cultures, which may include amenities which range from a total work-from-home policy to unlimited vacation time. Regardless of whether your company is entirely traditional or among the most free-thinking startups on the block, remote management has become a hot topic of discussion in the wake of mobile technology. Whether you’re going to be regularly managing your team during executive travel, or are simply exploring the possibility for an upcoming trip, we’ve curated expert insight on how to successfully manage your people from anywhere:

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Bad Boss Moves You May Be Making

Posted by Steve Johnston on Fri, May 17, 2013

Are You Being a Bad Boss?

In the world of business, good management is a vital part of making sure the wheels of your company spin smoothly and efficiently. From making sure that your employees are duly rewarded for jobs well done to keeping your team motivated, the work of a good boss is never done. But oftentimes, especially when business becomes stressful and hectic, good management styles can go out the window for more rigid, less effective leadership. And that kind of leadership can send good employees running for greener pastures.

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