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Security and Discretion Measures VIP Travelers Should Expect

Posted by Steve Johnston on Wed, Jul 24, 2013

Expect Nothing Less from VIP Limousine Service

Many VIP travelers make the mistake of reserving livery service or even taxi service for short trips and suffer the consequences of lax security and discretion policies. While reserving a limousine or luxury sedan service for a small journey might seem unnecessary, the truth is that you should always have your boss’s safety and security in mind. One trip in the wrong car could change everything, and that’s why you should always reserve VIP limousine service from professional companies who hold privacy, security, and safety to the highest standards.

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Meditation Techniques for Your Morning Commute

Posted by Steve Johnston on Mon, May 20, 2013

Making the Meditative Best of Your Morning Commute

Have you ever considered the true amount of stress you’re under at work? Do you find yourself unable to divorce your mind from the concerns of the office once you clock out, get home and take your shoes off? Many professionals are faced with the same conundrums in their professional lives, and many of those conundrums involve an inability to combat the stress that comes with a fast-paced, demanding career in the business world.

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