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Brunch for Your Orange County Car Service

Posted by Steve Johnston on Mon, Jul 01, 2013

Hotspots for Your Brunch Meeting 

Sometimes you’ll be courting a client who loves classical music, so you’ll take them to the symphony. Sometimes you’ll court one who loves basketball, so you’ll take them to a Lakers game. And sometimes, you may be courting a client who loves brunch, so of course, you’ll take them to brunch. We’re going to guess brunch will be a nice change from the usual power lunch or business dinner; instead of wine, you’ll have a Bloody Mary. Instead of steak, steak and eggs. Book your Orange County car service and get ready to enjoy a great meal at one of these popular brunch spots. 

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Planning the Perfect L.A. Business Dinner

Posted by Steve Johnston on Wed, May 08, 2013

Business Dinners for Winners

Setting up the perfect business dinner with a client consists of two things: picking the right transportation, and picking the right restaurant. Both are equally important, because you want your client to know that they’re in good hands. So, book your car service for the evening. Doing this will allow both of you to avoid the migraine of Los Angeles traffic. You can sit back, relax, and converse freely until you arrive at one of these excellent dining spots, which we’ve chosen for their excellent menus and comfortable atmospheres. 

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