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3 Most Useful Travel Perks to Take Advantage Of

Posted by Steve Johnston on Mon, Jul 20, 2015

Corporate Travel Benefits You Might Not Be Utilizing

Corporate TravelWhen you spend more time on the road traveling for work than you do at home with your family or friends, it can be a bit difficult to look on the bright side. By now, we’re sure you’re aware of how important those business trips are to your success as well as the success of your company. You know that it’s a necessary evil and just have to figure out a way to deal with the distance as best you can.

One thing you can do to improve your time away on those trips is to take advantage of all the perks made available to business travelers. These can come from a variety of different sources: restaurants, airlines, and hotels. They’re made available to frequent travelers to improve their travel experiences so if you’re not taking advantage of them, you’re definitely missing out. We’ve put together a rundown of the best in travel benefits that you should definitely make use of.

Free Wi-Fi

One of the most common, yet underused, benefits of corporate travel is the free Wi-Fi that several hotels offer. Unfortunately, it isn’t a standard perk offered by all. When planning your upcoming business trip, check with the travel manager to ensure they’re booking you into a hotel that offers free Wi-Fi. If they have any doubts about why they would need to change from one hotel to another, just remind them how much work you’ll be able to get done while sitting in the hotel room at night. They’ll probably appreciate the extra work you’ll be able to put in as well as the money they’ll save by not having to spring for a Wi-Fi package along with your lodging arrangements.

Hotel Perks

Even if you only plan on staying one night in a different city for work, hotel benefits can add up if you go out of town multiple times a month or year. If you stay at any one of the many AC Hotels by Marriott around the world for your next business trip, you can take advantage of their Corporate Program that provides personalized online services, special rates, meeting services, and even have access to your company’s very own account manager. Everything from coffee service to multimedia equipment for presentations can be negotiated and tailored to fit your needs.

If you’re lucky enough to be booked into one of the 63 boutique hotels in any one of the 30 cities the Kimpton Hotels calls home, their Global Business Program provides a few impressive perks. One of the best would be the ability to do a late checkout; extremely helpful if your flight leaves much later than the usual checkout time of 11am. Members will also receive up to 10% off their best available rate, free Wi-Fi, and other Kimpton-style perks like a wine hour, complimentary in-room yoga mats, and free coffee and tea every morning.

Airline Points

Each airline offers different perks for their corporate travelers. Come cater to the larger corporations while others like to bestow their benefits on the smaller companies. Take for instance Delta SkyBonus. As a travel rewards program created specifically for small to mid-sized companies, employees will earn points when they fly with Delta, their subsidiaries, or partner airlines. Those points can later be used to purchase tickets, upgrades, and even a membership in the Delta Sky Club.

Another airline that offers business benefits for their corporate passengers is American Airlines. Their American Airlines Business Extra is a free program that racks up points for business travelers they’re ten able to use for seat upgrades, round-trip tickets, as well as AAdvantage Gold Status or an Admiral’s Club membership. If you fly a lot for your job, these airline perks are definitely something you should look into before your next business trip.

Don’t miss out on any of these amazing corporate travel perks the next time you’re sent out of town for work. They’ll not only save you and the company a lot of time, but money and frustration as well. Never be afraid to ask the different vendors you encounter along the way for their perk packages either. You may end up finding new travel perks that we haven’t even heard of yet! 

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