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Three Fun and Easy Cocktails You Can Mix Yourself Mid-Flight

Posted by Steve Johnston on Mon, Aug 11, 2014

Avoid High-Priced Airline Libations

executive travelAirplane travel can be a headache for many travelers. From cramped seats, to layovers to security hassles, there is no shortage of difficulties to complain about when flying. Yet  we all know that complaining  really won’t do us any good. Instead, we should look for ways to improve the situation or limit the frustrating components.

Some business travelers choose only early-morning flights to try to avoid stressing over missing a meeting should a flight get delayed. Others opt for noise-reducing headphones and their own travel pillow to block out loud passengers and create a little more comfort in that small seat.

Airlines Make You Pay for Your Favorite Beverages

Airlines offer alcoholic beverages in flight as a way to ease stress and increase their guests’ comfort. Unless you have coupons from the airlines, these drinks can get pricey. Though it’s true a little bit of libation can make a stressful situation more relaxing and more enjoyable, you shouldn’t have to pay a premium in order to relax.

Much like you might make your own drink at home, you can do the same on a plane. Believe it or not, you can bring your own alcohol on the flight. Those small liquor bottles can make it through security in your carry-on because they’re under the 3 oz. liquid limit allotted to you. Before your next flight, stash a  a few mini bottles of booze and a few additional items in your carry on and prepare to enjoy a much more relaxing in-flight experience.

With that in mind, here are three fun and delicious cocktails you can serve yourself up on the next time you fly. (Let’s be honest—those over-priced gin and tonics are getting a little boring, aren’t they?)

Tom Collins

This is a refreshing choice and an easy one to make. If you do it right, you’ll essentially end up with a nice version of hard lemonade. A Tom Collins is traditionally made with lemon juice, soda water, gin and sugar. If you bring along a mini bottle of gin, you’ve already won half the battle.

Lemon juice can be a little trickier. Those envelopes of pre-mixed lemonade mix that you stir into a bottle of water would work really well for this purpose, as it contains the lemon flavor and sugar in one portable packet.

Once you’re on the plane, ask the flight attendant for a cup of club soda. Pour your gin in the cup along with your lemonade mix. Then, just sit back, relax and enjoy the refreshment.

Whiskey Old Fashioned

This classic cocktail is so delicious, you will be shocked to learn you can easily throw it together mid-flight. There are several ways to make an Old Fashioned, but the primary ingredients are whiskey and bitters; both of which you can grab in mini bottle form. A good bartender will muddle cherries and an orange slice to add flavor, but guess what? You can bring those on as well. Before you board, make sure to snag a few packets of sugar from a coffee stand and purchase an orange from a nearby fruit stand.

When the plane reaches cruising altitude, ask your attendant for a cup of ice and a bottle of water. (You can also ask for a few packets of sugar if you didn’t bring any on board.) Peel your orange and place a wedge into the cup of ice. Smash it up with a spoon if you can.

Empty the whiskey into the cup of ice. Now add a few dashes of bitters and one packet of sugar. Mix in some water from the bottle at your own discretion. The more water you use, the less strong it will be. You now have a fancy, free cocktail at 30,000 feet.

Dark and Stormy

For another creative, classic cocktail that packs a little more punch, try a Dark and Stormy. All you’ll need is dark rum, ginger ale, and bitters. A Dark and Stormy is normally made with ginger beer, which is a stronger, spicier form of ginger ale, but you can use a little bit of the bitters to make up for that.

Simply ask for a cup of ginger ale during flight. Empty your mini bottle of rum, add a few dashes of bitters and you’re done. You can now enjoy a fun cocktail that’s sweet, slightly spicy, and smooth.

Remember to Travel Safely

Mixing your own cocktail in air is a cost-effective way to enjoy an alcoholic beverage or two. Do be mindful of the altitude change and remember to enjoy your drinks responsibly. Staying hydrated while flying will help you feel better once you land.

As you make travel easier for yourself in the air by making fun cocktails, we want to make travel easier for you on the ground by providing superior service with the luxury quality you deserve. Cool Ride gets you where you need to go with class and with ease. Ride with Cool Ride and leave hassle behind. 

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