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5 Awesome Places to Eat Near Dodger Stadium

Posted by Steve Johnston on Thu, Aug 11, 2016

This blog was originally posted in 2014 and has since been updated to reflect more accurate information.

places to eat near Dodgers stadiumWith players like hotshot Corey Seager on the team, the L.A. Dodgers are set for an exciting second half of their 2016 season.

Although the team hasn’t been without its drawbacks—pitcher Clayton Kershaw was diagnosed with a herniated disk in his back earlier this season—that doesn’t dampen the fans’ hopes that their favorite team will rise to the top this summer.

Here are some places to get some game day grub when the Dodgers play at their home stadium.

Phillipe the Original

French dip sandwiches have customers forming long lines at this historical restaurant, which first opened in 1908. (Make sure you have cash on you, though—Phillipe the Original is cash only.)

In exchange for your patience and a few dollars, you can enjoy a sandwich made with roast beef, roast pork, leg of lamb, turkey or ham. Dip it into the juices made from the meat’s roast, or top it off with some of the restaurant’s specialty hot mustard. Sides like potato salad, coleslaw or macaroni salad can round out the meal.

1001 N. Alameda St
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Eastside Market Italian Deli

If you like your sandwiches with an Italian twist, this deli is also a popular favorite for Dodgers fans. The portions are sizeable; you may end up taking some leftovers home with you. The hot sandwich options include eggplant parmigiana and cheese, Italian sausage with cooked peppers and cheese and a pastrami in sauce with cheese.

Cold sandwiches include cuts of ham, turkey and roast beef, all served with cheese. Lines are also a common sight at this family-run business, but they move quickly enough that they’re not a problem.

1013 Alpine St
Los Angeles, CA 90012


Baseball lovers who like some heat in their food will love this Mexican restaurant for its spicy fare. An offshoot of the original location in Boyle Heights, Guisado’s post in Echo Park opened early last year.

The menu isn’t large, but the tacos are all tasty and well-done with a few simple ingredients. The chicken taco combines mole poblano and tinga de pollo; while the steak taco combines bistek with salsa rojo and steak picado. Pork, fish and vegetarian tacos complete the menu, and all tacos are served with freshly made corn tortillas. Counter your meal’s spiciness by ordering an agua fresca to drink.

1261 W Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90026

Tommy’s Original World Famous Hamburgers

It’s the chili that makes this burger stand famous; daily batches are made at several of its branches (some make it twice a day).

The original stand was located on Beverly Boulevard and began operating in 1946. Today, the business has 31 locations across the state, but some patrons say that the original stand still has the best food. Luckily for Dodgers fans, it’s only a short drive away.

The staff, who serve up burgers, cheeseburgers, hotdogs and chili dogs, are quick and efficient, and the large portions make for a satisfying meal.

2575 Beverly Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90057

El Compadre

If you’d like a sit-down Mexican meal in a stylish setting, El Compadre is the perfect spot. Here are just a few of its sellling points:

  1. The Flaming Margarita - this staple has gained the restaurant many fans by topping the drink with a lemon that’s set on fire. (Because, as L.A. Weekly asks, “Why not?”)
  2. The Music—a live mariachi band performs throughout most of the week.
  3. The Food - including complimentary chips and salsa as starters, entrees like tacos, burritos and chiles rellenos.

1449 W Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90026


Want to make your day at the game even better? Hire a Los Angeles car service. Your chauffeur can take you from your home, to the stadium, to one of the restaurants listed above and back. All you have to do is enjoy the ride.

photo credit: kla4067 via photopin cc


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