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How to Make Your Hotel Sleep Its Best Ever

Posted by Steve Johnston on Tue, Feb 18, 2014

Executive Traveler's Tips for Hotel Slumber

executive travelTraveling for business means needing the adequate amount of sleep and no or few disturbances. After all, your business trip depends on your productivity and if you’re being woken up in the middle of the night when you have an early morning or a long day can really put a damper on the quality of your sleep and thus, your productivity. Here are a few tips for sleeping better on the road.

Neck Support

Always ask about pillow options.  If you’re vulnerable to neck or back pain from using the wrong pillow, find out if pillows with different levels of firmness are available.  Some hotels stock firmer ones in guestroom closets, or most often have a number of them at the front desk. You might even look into finding a room with a special pillow menu to ensure that you have optimum neck support suited to your needs.



Reserve Carefully

Always ensure that you get a quite room.  This is a list of important points when reserving your room:

Make sure that your room is on an upper floor and away from the elevators.  As simple as this seems, it can make all the difference.

Book a room midway along a hallway.  This is almost always the quietest part of the floor as it is far away from ice machines, utility closets, guest laundry facilities, exits, or anything comparable which would be constant sources of noise.

Asking for a room on the concierge or suite level, assuming that the hotel has them as options.  Most of the time those rooms have taller ceilings which gives you a bit more air between you and the guests, if any, above you.

Avoiding rooms facing the pool.  While the view might be very nice, the pools are often sites for late-night gatherings, and sound echoes off of water, making the effect even more disturbing.

Getting a room at least two to three levels above banquet rooms, bars or other public spaces if the hotel has them.  It is remarkable how many floors a pulsating and thumping bass beat can penetrate.

Late Night Refreshment

Avoid eating a very large dinner.  If your stomach is working at digesting a large meal before you go to sleep, especially if there is any stress at all to do with your stay, it will interfere significantly with your ability to get a decent night’s rest.  Also, make sure to try to drink a small cup of hot tea or another warm, non-caffeinated beverage in order to help induce sleep. Another good refreshment before bed is a light nightcap.  Make sure to keep it moderate, as a single drink can help one sleep, while excess can ruin a good night.

White Noise

Decide your own best way of masking outside sounds.  Commonly referred to as white noise, sound masking involves adding a non-intrusive artificial sound to your sleep environment in order to drown out other noise.  Your hotel room might come equipped with a white noise machine, or the front desk could have one to lend.  You can also bring your own travel-size white noise machine, download a white noise app onto your smartphone or stream white noise from your laptop on a free Web site such as .  Another common option is to run the fan in the room at a low level, or bring your own portable fan to make some light background noise.

Set the Temperature

Taking a warm bath is a good bet before bed in that aside from just providing relaxation, it also raises your body temperature, helping you sleep better.  Also make sure to set the room temperature to a slightly cool environment, as generally most people sleep better when cool.  Make sure not to go too cold, as you don’t need to be shivering while trying to sleep. 

Peace of Mind

Make sure to set backup wakeup calls.  There is no point in trying to master an unfamiliar alarm clock in a night and waking up only to find that it hasn’t gone off, instantly putting you in a rush.  Any number of backups will help you sleep better, and minimize worry while trying to get a good night’s sleep.

Getting a good night’s sleep during your business trip is worth every effort you can make. So increase your productivity, feel better at your meetings, and  sleep well every single time. 

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