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10 Things You Should Always Take on a Plane

Posted by Steve Johnston on Tue, Feb 11, 2014

Pack Your Carry-On Well

executive travelThis is a list of ten things that you should really always consider taking on a plane, especially for a long flight.  They are in no particular order of importance, so don’t consider any of them any less than any of the others.  Here they are:

    1.      Book, Magazine or Kindle

    I cannot stress enough the importance of having some good reading when dealing with a long flight.  Obviously, this is aimed at those who are interested readers, which not everyone is, but it doesn’t have to be a novel or some vital peace of survival literature.  Many flights do not allow Kindles or any form of electronic reading devices at under 10,000 feet, so having a hard copy book, comic book, magazine or similar is a good idea.  This is a great way to keep your mind sharp and working if you have a meeting or something comparably important waiting for when you land.

    2.      Train Reaction 

    This cute device allows you to carry more luggage if need be with significantly less trouble.  It is effectively a little lattice work plastic sheath to put over two pieces of luggage at once, so it is easier to take twice the things, with half of the effort.  It may seem strange, but check it out.

    3.      Ankor Astro Mini 

    This is great if you find yourself almost out of power for your phone or similar small device.  It is a mini battery recharger that holds a charge that may be charged up via wall socket or via usb in a laptop, desktop or comparable device.  This can be of huge help if for some reason you find yourself having forgotten your charger, or just having forgotten to charge something that you need.  There are variations, but this is a must have for the on-the-go traveler.

    4.      Ear Plugs 

    I think that this one speaks for itself, or rather makes unwanted speaking a bit quieter.  We all know that there is no way to tell who you will be sat near on a plane, and it is much better to have an out such as this, than to spend the flight grumbling and annoyed at a fighting couple, a screaming child, or worse.

    5.      Sleep Aids/Energy Aids

    This is entirely dependent upon the nature of the plane trip and the expectations upon landing.  If it is going to be a long flight and you feel as though you will need your rest when you reach your destination, it is a good idea to use a reliable sleep aid.  Another good plan is to make sure that you ask for a pillow and blanket right off of the bat on your plane ride, making sure that you have what you need.  Conversely, if you need to be wide awake and aware when you land and find yourself a bit out of it, an energy aid such as 5-hour energy  is a good idea. 

    6.      Snack

    Always be aware of the feeding schedule on a plane ride if any, and aware of their general rules about outside foods on an airplane.  Something simple like a Nutrigrain bar can mean the difference between a rumbling tummy and a happy one.

    7.      Nearby Spare Clothes

    Hopefully, spare clothes while still aboard a plane will not be needed, but it is a good idea just in case.  One never knows when an accident may occur or when a flight may be delayed out, making it much easier in a pinch, rather than having to sift through your full luggage.

    8.      Laptop Computer or Comparable Device

    Most of us depend upon something akin to a laptop or other portable device and it is good to have it near you.  Checking your computer into standard luggage is a very bad idea.  Something so delicate should not be left to the forces of chance, and even without internet, such a device is good to pass the time with a game, get some work done, or even watch your own movie *headphones are a good idea here*.  Having something so entertaining and versatile within arm’s reach is practically a survival trait on any long trip.

    9.      Your Credit Card

    Now, this may seem a bit silly to mention, but it is important to remember that cash is no longer the coin of the turbulent realm.  Many airlines now take only credit cards as payment for food, alcohol, entertainment or Wi-Fi, making it very important to have it directly accessible while you are flying.  One can never tell what may happen on a flight, better to be able to buy something on the spot, than completely do without.

    10.  Personal Comfort Items

    This is a broad reminder to always be sure to take care of your personal creature comforts and essentials.  If you have specific medications that you require, even if you have already taken them for the day, have them nearby.  If you need a “certain type of pillow” for any form of unique discomfort, make sure that it is right there when you are on the plane.  Something such as lotion can be of huge benefit if you are someone that has dry skin, considering where you will be on a plane.  Hard candies are great for a case of dry mouth or a light cough, when water just doesn’t seem to work.  Always remember to keep what works for your nearby, it doesn’t matter if it seems silly.  The opinion of the guy next to you can’t compare to your personal comfort and security on a plane trip.

    Enjoy your flight!

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