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3 Major Ways to Clear Your Mind While Stuck in Traffic

Posted by Steve Johnston on Tue, Dec 24, 2013

Unwind During Your Commute

executive travel LAAccording to an article by Evy Berry for BBC, business can suffer when the executives running the show become stressed from over-work. The higher an executive is ranked within a company, the more work they tend to be saddled with. In addition to that excess work, they often have to travel to different countries. When you take into consideration the amount of work and travel they must endure and the lack of sleep related to that, it is no wonder they don’t all end up experiencing burn-out at an early stage in their career.

To protect your hard earned standing within your company, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to take time out of each day to relax and clear your mind. When you take the time to manage your stress, you can be sure you won’t be the first to burn out. The majority of executives in Los Angeles tend to spend their time in the car, going from one meeting to another. One of the easiest ways to avoid the stress related to traffic in Los Angeles is to take advantage of a car service. Let them do the driving while you try your best to relax in the back seat. There are a few ways to relax and clear your mind while being hustled from one meeting to the other.

1. Vehicular Yoga

Yoga has long been used by all walks of life as a means to achieve relaxation and inner peace. You also don’t have to set aside time out of your day to go to a yoga studio when all you really may need is just a few minutes each day. There are actually quite a few yoga poses perfectly suited for use in a car. Given the amount of time you spend being shuttled back and forth from meeting to meeting, this can come in handy.

The Seated Sun Salutation is done by inhaling and raising your arms as high as you can. When you exhale, bring your arms down to your side putting your hands in a prayer position. With a straight back, inhaling again bend forward at the waist. Then exhale to let your head and arms relax. Return to a sitting position while inhaling again and slide your arms along your sides and back up in to the air. The next exhale brings you back to the prayer position.

Another yoga pose suited for use in a seated position would be the Mountain Pose. This one is just a matter of closing your eyes and focusing your breath. Just sit up straight and keep your hands at your sides with the palms facing up. Focus pressure down onto your shoulders to feel yourself lengthening down to your feet. You can then exhale and tilt your head to the side to stretch your neck; the next inhale will bring your head back to center.

2. Exercise your Mind

When it comes to your career, your mind is incredibly important. A healthy mind ensures you have easy access to all your knowledge and experiences needed for a successful day on the job. Just as there are ways to keep the body in peak condition for your day to day requirements, there are ways to keep your mind in peak performing condition that can be done in any setting.

One mental exercise that can be done easily and anywhere is performing basic math problems on a regular basis. Not only does it keep your brain occupied during the mundane trips you take from one meeting to another, it can also keep your need for a calculator next to none. Playing Sudoku is another way to put numbers to use for your brain. It’s a fun game that will help the time pass by quickly while helping to boost your problem solving abilities.

Lumosity is a web-based program that has become a leader in the science of brain training. You can actually customize the exercises you do focusing on memory or problem solving as well as speed, attention and flexibility. There is a free option as well as premium accounts that you can try out free for five days.

3. Stretching for Relaxation

The amount of stress you put on yourself on a daily basis can affect your performance in the office. It doesn’t help that the amount of time you spend in a car can cause low back pain and other muscular issues. You can ease some of this by doing a few stretches in the privacy of your own car.

Since a lot of your time is spent on your backside, just a few bottom squeezes can help increase the blood flow as well give those muscles a mild workout. Just contract your muscles in your hips and thighs and hold them for up to 15 seconds and then let them release. Just do this a few times and you will definitely feel the difference.

You can also help with the numbness in your legs that come from sitting long periods of time by contracting the muscles in your thighs while alternating with a tightening of the muscles in your calves. A few repetitions of this will help increase the blood flow and reduce the numbness and soreness you may be experiencing. 

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