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How LAX Car Service Can Help You Fight Holiday Traffic

Posted by Steve Johnston on Tue, Nov 12, 2013

Trying to Get to LAX? Car Service is Your Secret Weapon

lax holiday trafficIf you’re making your way out to Los Angeles this holiday season, you probably have more than a few concerns. If you’re staying with your family in LA during the holidays, you admittedly don’t have the myriad concerns related to finding suitable lodging for your visit. But on the same token, being stranded in an unfamiliar city with no transportation and presents still to be bought might end up being a disaster.

If you’re unlucky enough to be traveling out of or into LAX for business this holiday season, you might be wondering how you’re going to meet your flight times with such an influx of traffic. We’ve got single answer to all of these concerns: LAX car service. If you aren’t sure where we’re going with this, let us explain.

Why Car Service is Perfect for Holiday Corporate Travelers

The holidays are inevitably going to push an entirely new population of people into the already-crowded LAX. When you’ve got an important flight to catch, you can’t sacrifice a second of your time with unreliable transportation. Abandon the taxi-hailing game. Finding an open taxi, especially during rush-hour, is never a guarantee and you waste precious seconds of your commute time trying and waiting to find a cab that isn’t occupied. Driving yourself isn’t reasonable for another list of reasons that begins with long-term parking, a long walk to your terminal and general hassle.

The answer is chauffeured car service. Booking with a reputable company will ensure that you are picked up on time, dropped off at a platform that is close enough for the walk not to impose serious time set-backs, and your chauffeur will be happy to help you with your luggage. Every step of the way, chauffeured car service makes traveling for business during the holidays easier, safer and more enjoyable.

Why Car Service is Perfect for Holiday Leisure Travelers

We know; it can hardly be called “holiday leisure travel” when most of your travel time is spent stressing out over navigating the crazy airport, keeping your family together, and figuring out your shopping plans (and how you’ll get to the malls) for the duration of your trip. We don’t know about you, but sacrificing the family harmony, togetherness and joy that is supposed to characterize the season for the stressful headaches of trip intangibles seems like a shame. And the joy of seeing your extended family for the first time all year shouldn’t be tainted by worrying over the GPS or how you’ll get the Outlet mall for that perfect wristwatch.

Booking car service to pick you up from LAX and get you to your hotel or family’s house is just the first step is relieving yourself of unnecessary holiday stress. Having chauffeured car service on hand for the rest of your trip will vastly reduce the headaches that come along with shopping in a city as large and confusing as LA. Your chauffeur will be a local expert who will be more than happy to suggest great shopping centers, restaurants for dinner or bars for a relaxing cocktail. He or she will also know the streets and traffic patterns of LA like the backs of their hands; this means an efficient and well-practiced commute that results in a safer and overall more enjoyable experience.

If you’re considering braving the rigors of Los Angeles during the holidays, don’t forget to rely on chauffeured car service to get you around. Not having to worry with navigation or parking will relieve a number of stresses and help you enjoy the holidays the way you deserve to. 

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