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Smart Ways to Pack for a Business Trip

Posted by Steve Johnston on Tue, Oct 29, 2013

Helpful Tips for Executive Travel

Pack a Perfect Carry-On

packing for business travelPacking a resourceful and light carry-on is essential for any business traveler, as their most important piece of luggage. When packing a carry-on, a smart strategy is to compartmentalize your items and space. Make use of the various pockets and sections of your carry on, and group smaller items into bags or pouches you can pack into your carry-on. You can think of your carry-on bag like a puzzle, and you are trying to fit all of the pieces in. Use different items that you pack as borders and barriers to divide up your items, keeping everything nicely organized. Leadership expert Michael Hyatt shows how he packs and organizes his carry-on bag in the video below.



Pack to Look Your Best

This isn't just about what clothes you are packing for your business trip, but how you are packing them. By putting a little extra effort into packing your wardrobe, you'll be able to keep your suits in pristine condition while traveling. Simply using a bit of tissue paper can help protect your suit, demonstrated in the video below from Business Insider. You can also use this tip for any of your dress shirts.



For the Female Executive

We didn't want to leave out the female executives, who have plenty if not more, to think about when packing for a business trip. One of the most helpful tips for female executives is to try to pack for versatility, having clothes that can suit multiple functions. For more information on how to pack effectively on how to pack for a business trip for women, see the video below.

Before any business trip you'll want to factor in how long you are traveling for, the weather, and what functions you need to pack clothes for. After you know how much you'll need to pack, you can follow some of these tips we just showed you to pack your luggage like a smart executive.


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