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4 Leadership Exercises to Do Every Day

Posted by Steve Johnston on Fri, Sep 20, 2013

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professional developmentManagement can demand a set of skills that are tricky to master. From delegating tasks to keeping in touch with the needs of your employees to making sure that objectives for projects are determined and communicated to the entire team, it seems that managers have to wear more than a few hats every day. Unfortunately, where effective management can seem confusing and difficult, great leadership can seem nearly impossible. It doesn’t help that effective managers are rarely effective without possessing a few essential leadership skills. If you’re at a loss as to what those skills entail, here’s a short list of leadership exercises that you can do every day to keep your leadership senses strong.


A great leader realizes the value of others’ opinions. Take time each day to listen and respond to the opinions of your constituents and employees. Compile a list of thoughtful questions for a particular employee or team and deliver them in person, explaining that their thoughts and opinions are vital to making a move in the overall picture of your business. It will make them feel valued and further fortify your ability to lead by enhancing your knowledge of your employees, their struggles and their ideas.

Teambuilding Excursions

It might not be possible to have a teambuilding excursion every day or even every week, but you should try to set aside time every day to consider what would make a great teambuilding excursion. Consult your employees for their ideas as well, and try to be a build a team outing that everyone can enjoy. Remember: a great leader is someone who puts the needs and desires of his or her team before their own, so even if you hate the idea of an afternoon in a coffee shop, you should gladly oblige if the rest of your team feels strongly about it.

Communicating with Role Models

Finding reliable role models, ones who also take time to nurture their own leadership tendencies, is an asset in bettering your leadership skills. Find time each day to reach out to fellow leaders and converse with them on their particular triumphs and struggles in leadership. You’ll find that your opinions enrich them and theirs enrich you.


One of the easiest daily exercises in improving your leadership skills is to find time to do research on leadership. Whether it’s reading inspirational quotes, learning about the experiences of other leaders, or keeping up on blogs that discuss innovations in leadership or offer advice on incorporating better leadership into your practices with your employees, there’s always something to gain from research.

Leadership exercises are an easy way to sharpen your skills as both a manager and a confidante to your employees; what do you do to improve your own leaderships skills at work?

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