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Using Travel Quotes to Better your Business Trip

Posted by Steve Johnston on Mon, Sep 09, 2013

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Corporate travel is often an excessive stress on people who are already juggling plenty of responsibilities. From navigating unfamiliar airports to dealing with time issues posed by delayed flights, not being able to find a cab to discovering that your hotel is completely unsuitable, the opportunities for your business trip to go terribly wrong are endless.

There is, however, a silver lining: negotiating for price via travel quotes. Travel quotes are just comparative prices on the various services you’ll need to get through your business trip in one piece; think car service prices, hotel rooms and flights. When you know how to negotiate for the best price or upgrades on existing services, you can take your corporate travel experience from stressful to effortless (or something like that).

Use Websites that Offer Comparative Rates

The first step, especially to finding the right price on things like flights and hotels, is to find the websites which give you comparative prices right off the bat. Our favorite go-to website for comparing prices on everything from airlines, hotels, and other travel deals instantly is We love Kayak because the prices are easy to skim and more exhaustive than other metasearch engines.

Negotiate Independently

Finding travel quotes is easy through a metasearch engine, as you can see. But another way to compile these quotes is to add a personal touch and do your own scouting. Call the airlines to whom you’ve been a devoted customer, especially the ones where you’ve invested the bulk of your rewards points. If you’re really not feeling the economy seat by the window, it can never hurt to call and see how much it would cost you to upgrade or move to another seat. Repeat this procedure with all of the airlines you’re interested in flying with.

The same rule applies to hotels and car services. If you can negotiate a better room with a hotel that you’ve shown loyalty towards, you’ve taken advantage of your past patronage and created a more comfortable business trip for yourself.

When it comes to car services, knowing how much you’ll be needing the service over the next few months or year could help you procure a better price via a contract. Signing a contract with a car service company that you know and trust could get you much better rates on the services in the long run, which is always a plus.

Don’t Forget Your Manners

Travel quotes aside, rule number one of negotiating for anything during your business travels is to be polite. The people working the front desk at that hotel or the chauffeur driving the vehicle that will transport you effortlessly to your destination aren’t going to be willing to bend for you if you don’t treat them with the utmost respect. Being the kind of customer that makes their job pleasant and easy will mean you have an easier and more pleasant business travel experience. 

Have you ever used travel quotes to book transportation? 


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