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How Personal Branding Boosts Your Business

Posted by Steve Johnston on Fri, Jun 21, 2013

Getting in Touch—and Reaping the Benefits

personal branding, small business adviceWhen you hear the phrase “personal branding,” what comes to your mind? Consider that the idea of personal branding is relatively new and deeply rooted in the (also relatively new) universe of social networking, you might not even have much of an idea what personal branding is at all.

If you are the owner of a small-to-medium sized business, the way that you reach and engage your consumers is dramatically different in 2013 than it was just 10 years ago. What attracts, engages and interests your client base today has to originate from making them feel a connection to your business, and helping your potential customers feel a connection to your business must begin by making your personal brand accessible and successful among the clients you want to reach.

It’s all good and well to just tell businesses that they must boost their personal brand to experience success in their company, but how do they actually go about doing it? We’ve got a short list of ways to make your personal brand pay dividends for you when it comes to the bottom line.

Be Personable

There are about a hundred different ways to extend your personal brand to your social media platforms, but finding a way to successfully engage the right kind of customer can be quite the challenge. You must begin by asking yourself, what will make people feel connected to my brand? For starters, it is knowing that your brand is made up other people, not just a bunch of pre-programmed machines and an accountant punching numbers all day, looking for the best way to turn a profit. People want to feel connected to the things they buy on a personal level, to know that robots and machines haven’t taken over the world, and that they can identify or at least connect with the human beings behind the products and services that make their lives easier.

How to Be Personable

The first step to being personable is to remove your business’s success/failure ratios from the conversation, especially when you’re trying to engage potential customers via social media. People want to know if your products and services work, and they want to be engaged by pictures, videos and demonstrations, things that can include them in the experience of your product and maybe entertain them a little bit, too. You have to remember that your customers have jobs, families and a ton of other ordinary stresses in their lives; they aren’t going to stop to read your Facebook posting if it doesn’t immediately appeal to them visually or content-wise. Post memes, cartoons, pictures, videos, or interesting articles that you think your clients will be interested in. Familiarize your customer base with your company by posting consistently awesome material on your social media networks; the more they visualize your company as a group of people who have tastes, tendencies and a funny bone just like them, the more likely they are to feel comfortable making their first purchase (especially if you offer a discount via Facebook or Twitter).

Engage Your Customers

One of the most magically human things in the world is our ability to communicate, to establish a discourse with one another. And the benefits offered to your company by establishing a sterling personal brand are swiftly diminished if you fail to incorporate communication with your customer-base in your personal-branding landscape. Pose questions to your followers, post surveys, and keep them feeling involved with what goes on with your business. The more they feel their opinions are heard, the more likely they are to become a devoted follower of your business. 

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