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Best Places in LA to Share a Martini with Your Client

Posted by Steve Johnston on Mon, Jun 17, 2013

Finding the Hidden Gems, Getting the Best Martini

car service from LAXEntertaining clients in LA presents all kinds of amazing opportunities to impress and connect with your client, from the litany of sporting events to the long list of concerts you can attend at any one of LA’s big arenas. But sometimes business meetings are meant to be more casual and less demanding and formal, calling for a simple meet-up at a great after-work location. The first step to making the casual business meeting a success is to make sure your client is picked up and dropped off by a professional chauffeur in a comfortable and luxurious vehicle. No one wants to be saddled with the responsibility of driving in LA traffic, especially in the early evening when it’s sure to be a madhouse.

The next step to planning the perfect after-work business meet-up is to find the best destination to have a drink. Los Angeles is full of places that are teeming with atmosphere and opportunities to have an amazing drink; why not give your evening a theme and search for the cocktail lounges that serve an amazing martini? If you don’t know where to go in the City of Angels when an great martini is calling your (and your client’s) names, we’ve got a list for you.

The Liquid Kitty

The Liquid Kitty is one of Los Angeles’ own cocktail lounges that has specialized in serving up the best martini in town. Not only do they offer no cover on all nights of the week, the lounge is home to an interesting crowd, and the drinks are award-winning, so even if your client isn’t looking to have a martini, they can choose from a long list of alternatives on the Liquid Kitty menu.

The Bazaar

This mid-city staple for an amazing, upscale martini is a great place to entertain a client (or clients) if you don’t want to sacrifice the razzle-dazzle when orchestrating a casual business meet up. The atmosphere is sophisticated and the drinks are expensive, but the service will outshine any extra money you’ll have to shell out. Mingle with your client among some of Los Angeles’ beautiful people and enjoy the artistry of a perfectly made martini.

Cana Rum Bar

If you’re looking for a more night-life-esque experience for your client, the Cana Rum Bar is the perfect combination of elegance and electricity. Though it is a members-only experience, purchasing a membership for both you and your client will run you less than $50 and will give you access to the all of the Bar’s amazing cocktail recipes, including one for a one-of-a-kind martini that will leave your client highly impressed.

Grill on the Valley

This martini destination will provide you and your client with the utmost in atmosphere and service, but will also give you a different spin on the martini you’re in search of. With different recipes, including gin martinis and twists on the vodka martini, too, Grill in the Valley is the upscale destination where you can entertain with elegance, style and a huge menu lined with filling, prime fare. Be sure to make reservations long before your scheduled meeting so you won’t have to bother with going somewhere else last minute.

Whichever destination you select for your client outing in Los Angeles, remembering to book exceptional car service first is vital to orchestrating a good night out and the beginnings to successful negotiations. Finding a great martini in Los Angeles is as simple as doing a little research and deciding which atmosphere would be the best background to your business meeting. 

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