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Do You Need a Packing App for Business Travel?

Posted by Steve Johnston on Mon, Jun 10, 2013

Help Packing When You’re in a Rush

car service LAX, LAXBusiness travel comes with enough concerns outside of packing—from making sure you have your flight itinerary, car service and dinner times scheduled to making sure you have the hotel that you want booked and waiting for you when your plane arrives. Getting all of your affairs in order for when you leave for your business trip can take as much planning as figuring out where you’ll stay and to which restaurants you’ll take your clients once you arrive. And few things put the damper on a business trip quite like forgetting to pack something important or not being able to find a vital item once you’re on the plane or landed at your destination city.

If you’re one of the executives who constantly finds themselves faced with a packing crisis, read on. We’ll explain how a packing app can help streamline the process and ensure that you don’t leave home without any of your business trip essentials.

Do You Even Need a Packing App?

Many business people mistake their need for a travel app with a need for a packing app. If you aren’t clear about the weather in the city you’re flying to, what time of day you’ll be arriving, and whether or not you’ll have a chauffeured vehicle waiting to pick you up, you’re likely not to know exactly how to pack and what you should bring with you.

There are a few travel apps that can help you straighten out all of your travel concerns, like TripIt, which can help an executive plan every last item on his or her itinerary, from the time your flight leaves to when it arrives, which car service you’ve booked and what time they’re scheduled to retrieve you from baggage claim in your destination city.

Another valuable app to have in your corner when it’s time to plan your business trip is Hotel Tonight, which can help you find a room at the last minute, often for a deep discount. If you find yourself often at a loss for getting an affordable hotel room, Hotel Tonight will be invaluable.

Packing can be confusing, especially if you have the goal of not checking a bag on your flight. Checking bags is a difficult, time-consuming and expensive process, but sacrificing a population of your belongings in order to avoid the headache of bag check can mean you forget a few important items.

When you pack your most vital items, such as your electronics, you must remember the need to pack them securely and safely. Using extra zippers and compartments to make your electronics unavailable to pick-pockets, for example, is an important part of getting to your destination city with everything you need firmly in tow.

If You Do Need a Packing App…

If you find yourself still in dire need of packing app to get all of your necessities in order before your business trip, consider looking into an app like Packing Pro, which not only helps sort out what you  need, it also helps you find where in your luggage to put it. The app will provide you with a list of clothing items and general necessities to check off before your packing is complete, reminding you of several items that you would otherwise have forgotten, like a hooded rain-jacket or an umbrella.

Packing for business travel is even more crucial than packing for a leisure trip because there is so little flexibility in your business trip itinerary to go pick up forgotten items. Getting your packing process down to a science can take you a long way towards streamlining your pre-business trip checklist. 

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