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Beating Stress on Bad Days

Posted by Steve Johnston on Fri, Apr 12, 2013

Simple Stress-Relievers for Everyday Use

stress relievers for CoolRideWe’re all going to have a bad day every once in a while. It’s inevitable. In fact, life’s inevitabilities just became death, taxes, and bad days. Fortunately, and inevitable as bad days are, great days are the same way. It’s important that, as a business professional, you learn different ways of taking a bad day and turning it around to ensure that you’re putting the best image forward and not losing your cool with clients or co-workers.

Don’t let a bad day get even worse by doing something that you’ll regret. We suggest you follow these 7 simple steps to calm yourself down and re-shift your focus to allow you more time to think, less time to react, and better ability to turn the day around.

#1 – Take a Break

The best thing you can do to remove those bad day blues is to take a short break and do something else. How about playing on Facebook for a few minutes? Maybe the project or task you’re working on that has put you in a bad mood will seem different after you’ve caught up on what your college roommate is up to.

#2 – Meditate

Take a minute and completely clear your mind of anything negative. Just sit back, relax, and focus on something positive. If that’s not your thing, focus on a color or a singular object. Whatever you do, don’t focus on the negative aspect of your no good very bad day. Instead, allow yourself to concentrate on something completely different.

#3 – Leave the Office

Sometimes it’s not necessarily the day that’s bad, it’s the location you’re in. Why not get out of the office for a bit? Go out to lunch, take a walk, leave a little early, do whatever you need to do to escape the environment that is causing your day to go downhill fast.

#4 – Reward Yourself

If it’s just been one of those days, give yourself something to look forward to. Maybe you’re the type of person that works out every day, but it’s been a rough day and you just want to stop by the ice cream shop on your way home. Perhaps you’ve decided a vacation is in order. Whatever the reward, treat yourself and feel those bad vibes float right off.

#5 – Talk to Someone

You’ve got that one person whom you trust, the person who would do anything for you. We all do. Grab that person, go out to dinner, and hash out all the problems that are causing the day of misery. Talking to someone can really make things better, so give that a try for sure.

#6 – Resolve an Issue

If there’s something you’ve been meaning to resolve for quite some time but you haven’t been able to, or you haven’t had the time to deal with it, give it a shot. Maybe it will help you get over the bad day. Maybe it’s an old friend you haven’t talked to in a long time and things weren’t exactly left on the best of terms, or maybe you forgot to call someone and you’ve let things go too long without speaking. It’s time to resolve those little things. 

#7 – Complete a Task on Your To-Do List

Marking things off your to-do list is extremely therapeutic. There’s something so great about seeing projects disappear. It makes you feel more productive. Tackle some of the smaller items on the to-do list so you’re able to cross off more, faster. That way you’ll be excited when you see there are only a few more items, no matter how big they might be.

Turn your bad day into a great day with these 7 easy tips. It may not work every time, but you’ll certainly experience less stress overall.

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