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Sure Signs of the Worst Chauffeured Transportation Providers

Posted by Steve Johnston on Mon, Mar 11, 2013

Chauffeured or Taken for a Ride?

chauffeured transportation providerWe’ve all had a terrible experience with a vendor at one point or another. Whether you were caught up by a dishonest contractor or chauffeured transportation provider, it’s important to be able to spot the red flags that can come up during the screening process. We’re all aware of some of the biggest factors that can indicate that a business isn’t at the forefront of their industry. There are a few more factors that should diminish a potential customers confidence, that are less apparent to professionals outside the industry. We’ve outlined a few of the primary ones below:

1. They Don’t Have a Physical Address

Recent headlines have proven what we’ve all known this entire time: an office building is important for camaraderie, quality control, and corporate culture, which is why Yahoo has recently curbed their employees’ ability to work out-of-the-office. It’s even more essential for a chauffeured transportation vendor, due to the fact that the nature of the business requires working quite closely with a number of specialists. A single journey with car service to LAX airport can require the effort of a car detailer, dispatcher, logistics specialist, and Chauffeur. If the company lacks a physical facility, it could curb their ability to ensure their service is quality every time.

2. They Aren’t Screening Affiliates

If your transportation needs will require car service at peak hours or outside the area where the company is based, you’ll be taking advantage of their affiliate network. Great providers know that their affiliates will represent their company to customers, and carefully screen the network on their record of service, training programs, and maintenance. If a potential vendor isn’t able to articulate the details of their screening process, you might not receive the quality of service you expect on the road.

3. They’re Not Investing in Technology

Technology matters to customers, and it affects the quality of service offered by a Chauffeured transportation vendor. The best companies offer a seamlessly integrated experience for corporate clients, which decrease the possibility of human error and streamlines effort throughout the entire process. Corporate travel managers should be able to simply book their needs through a customized booking portal, and confirmation emails should be automatically issued. If you have to request an emailed confirmation for your service, it’s a sure sign that your provider hasn’t invested in technology.

4. They Call Their Employees Drivers

There’s a real distinction between Chauffeurs and drivers. Much like concierges, being a Chauffeur is a professional tradition of catering to the transportation needs of the corporate and luxury travel classes. Your coworker or neighbor can drive you to the airport. It takes years of training, experience and a commitment to quality to provide the experience of being chauffeured.

5. They’re Not Flexible with Payment Plans

Signing a contract with a potential corporate car service company should allow you some flexibility with payments, according to your accounting department’s needs. Your organization may prefer to pay monthly or after each trip, and the provider should have the flexibility to meet your needs. Additionally, if you request detailed invoices after each journey for bookkeeping purposes, you should be able to receive this documentation. If they don’t accept major credit cards, it’s a fairly certain sign that their experience with corporate clientele is extremely limited.

Due diligence requires corporate travel managers to thoroughly investigate potential vendors. The process is much easier if you know what to look for. The best car service companies have the experience working with corporate clients to meet their specific needs.


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