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10 Stress-Relieving Techniques for Corporate Travel Managers

Posted by Cool Ride on Fri, Jan 25, 2013

Proactively Fight Workplace Stress

corporate travel managersStress is commonplace in today's fast-paced workplace, especially for corporate travel managers. You're rushing around to find the best deals on the phone or on your computer. You go a mile a minute every day. As stress creeps up on you, it can wear you down and make it more difficult to do your job well. Finding ways to reduce stress is important, not only for yourself but for your fellow co-workers.

It's easier than you think. There are several free easy ways that you can lower your workplace stress. And they don't take a lot of time from your busy workday. Use one or several (you can even combine them) of the methods listed below to help reduce stress.

During the Workday

It is not impossible to find little ways to reduce stress during your workday. These small things will give you the break you need to be revitalized.

1. Take a short five minute walk - If it is nice out, take a short walk around your building. If not, just walk around. Stretch your legs and get away from your desk for a few minutes.

2. Turn off your phone for five minutes - Any phone calls, emails, or texts can wait five minutes. The break will be short enough to allow you to relax for a moment without holding up business.

3. Put your head down for five minutes - This is especially handy if you're not able to go for that five-minute walk. Play some relaxing music, put your calls on silent, and rest your head on your desk for a few minutes--just long enough to give your brain a break from your day. (You may want to set the alarm on your phone so you don't end up falling asleep.)

4. Delegate - Managers often feel like they have do everything in order for things to get done properly. However, you have a trained staff that can help you. If you're feeling overwhelmed, delegate. You don't need to personally answer every call. Delegate that call to someone else on your staff to handle.

5. Listen to music - Have music playing throughout your day. There are several music streaming websites on the Internet that allow you to listen to a variety of music without having to download anything to your computer.

While on Lunch Break

You have more time available to you during your lunch break. Use some of this time to help lower your stress.

6. Don't answer work-related calls while on break. This is your time. If the call is that important, the person will contact someone else who is not on break.

7. Read. Take this time to catch up on blogs you follow or read a book or magazine for part of your break. Being able to "leave" your workplace for a little bit gives your brain some rest.

8. Catch up on social media. While doing this may be work-related, you can take your time and catch up on articles that you don't have time to read at your desk, or network on Facebook or Linkedin.

9. Take a nap. Set the alarm on your phone and either take a quick nap in your office, an empty conference room, or even your car. Just a short fifteen-minute nap can revitalize you for the rest of the day.

10. Drive to a local park. If the weather is nice and your office has a park nearby, go to the park. You don't have to get out of your car. Just enjoy the change in scenery. If you want, take a short walk or sit on a park bench while you eat your lunch.

These 10 simple solutions can help your day pass much more smoothly than before. You will feel better when you leave for the day and your job will be more enjoyable.

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