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5 Reasons for Airport Car Service You May Never Have Considered

Posted by Jen Barry on Mon, Dec 24, 2012

Keeping Cost, Convenience, and Health in Mind

airport car servicesTo many, the idea of airport car services may seem like an unnecessary luxury, but the truth is that the benefits may far outweigh the cost. Before you decide getting a limo to or from LAX is just too much to plan for your boss’s next trip, take a look at these little-known excuses for airport car services.

No Lines

If you’ve ever waited at a taxi rank, you know finding a cab can sometimes take time. When you’re planning your boss’s travel to the minute, you don’t want to worry about whether or not he or she can find a cab in enough time to get from the airport to the big meeting. A few minutes here and there may not seem like much, but they really do add up. On a business trip, time is the most valuable asset your boss has, so don’t steal any of it by planning for taxis instead of a reliable car service.

Consider the Cost 

While a car service can be expensive, it may not be the most costly choice. Renting a car looks very attractive in many ways, but you should count up all the additional fees before making the final decision. With a town car or limo service, all the of the liability is removed from your company’s travelers. Many don’t consider the insurance necessary for car rentals, but in the event of an accident, you can bet renting a car is much more expensive than a limousine ride.

Time to Relax and Recharge

If you do decide to rent a car for your boss, keep in mind he or she will need to drive from place to place in an unfamiliar place, which can be very stressful. Even with GPS, driving in traffic elevates anxiety and could jeopardize the big meeting. When you book a car service, executives can let someone else take the wheel and relax in comfort and style. As an added bonus, many limousine and town car drivers have charging cords for almost any electronic device, so your boss won’t need to worry about the smartphone or tablet dying when it’s needed most.

Down with Germs

Thinking about the many ways you might get sick can be a downer, but it’s important to always consider your environment. While taxi drivers are sure to wipe down the inside of the car on occasion, you can be sure it doesn’t happen between every passenger. There are already so many different ways your boss can get sick while traveling, from exhaustion to recycled bacteria in the air of planes, but you can remove one of the risks by scheduling car service. The likelihood of cleaning between passengers is much higher, and therefore your boss will have greater chances of staying healthy during the trip.

First Impressions

Like it or not, many people judge us by our transportation. If your boss has an important meeting, he or she can set an important precedent simply by arriving in a town car or limousine. By booking a car service for your boss, you could be the deciding factor in getting that yes or no at the big meeting.

Above all these reasons, there is simply convenience. Who doesn’t love the idea of having a car waiting at the curb after a long, exhausting flight? Who doesn’t cherish the thought of a Chauffeur ferrying them to and from hotels and meetings? You could be the reason your boss feels pampered and refreshed even while taking care of stressful business. 

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