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Replacing the Town Car: The New Face of the Limo Industry

Posted by Steve Johnston on Mon, May 16, 2016

The Lincoln Town Car is dead.

That’s right, the famous blacked-out executive sedan used for Los Angeles chauffeured transportation and worldwide industry for over 25 years has been discontinued.



In 2011, Lincoln ended the production of the Town Car. And while this may be shocking news to you, it has been a problem yet to be fixed within the chauffeured transportation industry.

Now that it is almost impossible to get your hands on the last, limited stock of 2011 Town Cars, private transportation companies are looking for a quick solution to this unfortunate situation.

The Town Car is the ideal vehicle for private ground transportation services.

The large cabin area, spacious and plush interior and smooth, comfortable ride make the Town Car perfect for private transportation.

The industry and customers alike expect an elegant, comfortable sedan with smooth ride and spacious seating. Accordingly, ground transportation companies cannot merely substitute the Town Car with just any classy-looking, luxury sedan.

What Does Lincoln Have Up Their Sleeve?

Although there will never be another vehicle like the town car, Lincoln does have a new vehicle in their lineup that could do well as a livery service vehicle.

That car is the Lincoln MKS.

The Lincoln MKS is quite the luxurious vehicle, offering a variety of options and well-appointed features.

The standard MKS comes with front wheel drive, but is also available in all wheel drive, which is a nice option when traveling in unpleasant weather.

Yet, while it may be quite roomy, it is more than a foot shorter in length than the traditional Lincoln Town Car. It also doesn't offer very impressive fuel efficiency for a new vehicle. 

The 2016 Lincoln MKS, for example, offers only 17 city/26 highway

The MKS is offered at a competitive price, and with it being the newly featured Lincoln sedan, it definitely has potential to be used by many ground transportation companies in the coming years. 

Nothing Rides Like a Cadillac

Another great option for the Town Car replacement and probably the most promising is the Cadillac XTS.

With a sharp exterior design and a comfortable, roomy interior, the XTS has a great potential to become the new chauffeured sedan for limo companies.

The interior of the XTS is only a few inches smaller than the Town Car L Series, but still offers a large amount of leg, shoulder and head room for the rear passengers. 

An additional positive aspect of the XTS is that it receives higher miles per gallon, as compared to the Lincoln Town Car.  Where the TC receives an average 16 city and 24 highway, the XTS receives a 18/28 city/highway.  

While the Town Car has been the number 1 choice for the limos companies across the nation, such specs make transitioning to the XTS a possible reality. 

Luxury and Style at Its Finest

One more probable alternative is the Mercedes-Benz E350.

Although Mercedes is known to be a more expensive vehicle, they have always been the leader in luxury and style within the livery business.

In fact, many executives and VIP clients request MBZ when it comes to private transportation, though this vehicle isn’t the most cost effective.

Even though the E350 is a classy car with an attractive look, ground transportation companies will have to compromise with price and comfort if they choose to include it in their fleet.

While the Mercedes Benz E350 does receive the best gas mileage out of the group (20/city, 29/highway), there is significantly less interior space for the passenger.

Furthermore, while gas prices and fuel economy are always an issue, they are not the main concern for transportation companies when they are expected to provide high-end customer service.

All in all, the town car was a great vehicle that will be truly missed.

And while there probably will not ever be another sedan that offers as much comfort and luxury for the price of a Lincoln Town Car, there is hope for the limo industry.  

What do you think the new livery vehicle of choice will be?

Will we have to sacrifice our comfort and luxury for an economical option? Whatever the case may be, we are all eager to see what will come next. 

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