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4 Can't-Miss Malibu Restaurants for Business Dinners

Posted by Steve Johnston on Mon, Jun 20, 2016

Malibu remains a great destination for business professionals who want to make a distinct impression on peers or clients. And when it comes to hosting a business dinner in Malibu, this city offers many wonderful options.


Some of the top Malibu restaurants for business dinners include:

  1. Nobu Malibu

Since October 1999, Nobu Malibu has provided business professionals and others with a dining venue that offers an outstanding ocean view. That way, you can join a colleague or client and sample a superb menu in an awe-inspiring setting.

Nobu Malibu also represents a sushi lover's dream come true. This restaurant serves stellar appetizers and meals, and everything features fresh ingredients and amazing flavors.

  1. Duke's Malibu

Duke's Malibu offers an excellent choice for those who want to try terrific seafood.

This restaurant was launched in honor of Duke Kahanamoku, the father of surfing. As such, you're sure to see plenty of tropical décor throughout Duke's Malibu, creating the scene for a comfortable dining experience.

Also, Duke's Malibu features tasty starters like Maui onion soup and Korean sticky ribs, along with a dinner menu that includes fresh fish, burgers and much more. That way, those who visit Duke's Malibu are sure to find a dish to satisfy their hunger pangs immediately.

  1. Moonshadows

Moonshadows provides a dining experience "that will scintillate all your senses," according to the restaurant. It offers everything from midday brunch to supper as well as a wide assortment of top-notch beers, wines and cocktails that you can enjoy any time you visit.

At Moonshadows, you can sample cuisine that combines American, Asian and Italian flavors. This restaurant's menu includes everything from sensational omelettes to filet mignon. 

  1. Geoffrey's

For those who demand an oceanside dining experience that makes a bold statement, planning a business dinner at Geoffrey's is a must.

Geoffrey's sets the standard for an unbelievable dining experience by using top-of-the-line ingredients in everything its staff prepares. Thus, you're sure to enjoy a sophisticated meal at this Malibu restaurant.

In addition, Geoffrey's strives to deliver a memorable dining experience and provides captivating ocean views to guests year-round.

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